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Why local election matters to youth?


Local election, in general sense, means the process of choosing representatives for local bodies. When we see the history, it seems to be a long gap since 1997, as the local election has not taken place and this has consequently resulted in the lack of elected representatives in the local bodies which has hindered the overall development of the nation.

Now, when we consider the benefits of local election to teenagers and the youths, I think the election has enumerable benefits on offer. First and foremost, this election develops and strengthens the leadership quality of teenagers, especially the youths. In my view, this helps to make the youths responsible not only towards themselves but also towards the national development. It develops a sense of nationalism and unity among the youths regarding the matters of national concern.

Also, through the election, youth can fully exercise their voting rights. The election would also help to create employment opportunities to them, to a certain extent, and helps in youth empowerment, strengthens students’ and youths’ potentiality, leads to the promotion of civic engagement, democratization, and human rights. Furthermore, the election helps develop their potential and brings about positive change in the society.

At present, the essence of the local election seems vital. Not only for the political reasons like strengthening the power of local bodies and all that but also to increase youth participation in national development. So, keeping in mind about all these essence and benefits, I am sure youth are to be highly encouraged to contribute themselves or to coordinate in this field.

By Siju Rijal

The writer is a member of Helping Soul, a youth-led social organization. She recently appeared in Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from Awareness International Academy, Sankhamul.

This is a personal opinion of the writer about the upcoming local election that is scheduled for May 14th. If you too want to publish your thoughts and opinions about the election, themed on youth issues, write to us at glocalkhabar@gmail.com