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Local-level election to have over 300,000 candidates and 143 third gender voters


Kathmandu, April 9, 2017: As the local-level election, scheduled for May 14, is nearing, the preparations are at their height. The election that is taking place after a gap of almost two decades has been taken as an opportunity to empower local levels with rights and strengthen grassroots democracy and to implement the new constitution.

If everything goes as planned, all four metropolis, 13 sub metropolitan cities, 246 municipalities and 481 rural municipalities of the country will witness the elections take place simultaneously.

There are, according to the Election Commission, a total of one crore 40 lakhs 54 thousands and 482 voters (70 lakhs 69 thousands and 714 men, 69 lakhs 84 thousands 625 women and 143 third genders).

A total of 15.4 million ballot papers will be printed for the polls, the Commission said, adding that out of which the papers for 55 districts have already been printed. Although the exact number of polling centres across the country is yet to be determined, the figure is estimated to be approximately 21000, according to the Commission.

At least 84,000 ballot boxes are required for the same, the Commission said. A total of 36,639 people’s representatives including chairperson, vice chairperson, ward chairperson and member would be elected for the total 744 local levels. Likewise, around 326,000 candidates are estimated to run.

Approximately 21,000 volunteers and 126,000 government employees would be deployed while around 5.5 millios election posters and nine types of voter educational materials would be managed, said the Commission.

Voter trainers would reach every door steps of voters from April 14 and teach them the process to cast vote. The Commission has prepared voters’ list in six shapes for the local-level election on the basis of number of political parties registered in the district.

There would be 456 election symbols in the largest voting list. A total of 113 political parties including 27 representing in the Legislature-Parliament have been registered with the Commission.

According to the Commission, 67 types of election materials including ballot papers, ballot boxes and ink are required for the election.

The election process would begin with the nomination of candidates on April 29 and end at 5:00 pm on May 14 with the concluding of voting process.

The people would get local government from the upcoming local-level election.

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