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Locals attracted towards buffalo husbandry

Locals attracted towards buffalo husbandry
Locals attracted towards buffalo husbandry

Bhaktapur,5 Dec 2014: Locals in Bhaktapur have been attracted towards buffalo keeping since the local government body started providing subsidy to those interested in it.

Chittapol VDC in Bhaktapur and the District Livestock Service Office (DLSO) started the ‘Calf Distribution’ campaign three years ago to promote self-employment among the locals.

The VDC and DLSO together offer the locals financial aid worth Rs 100,000 and technical assistance to make Bhaktapur a sample district for buffalo husbandry.

The campaign also aims to increase the supply of the meat and dairy products.

Some 20 households, with a relatively weak financial condition,  have been involved in buffalo husbandry in the Chittapol VDC so far and some more want to try their luck in it.

The locals have demanded for distribution of more calves when a team comprising officials from DLSO and journalists visited the VDC on Wednesday.

The VDC provides grant worth Rs 5000 per household to buy the calf of the buffalo and DASO provides Rs 2000 as the loading charge. Those availing this offer/service shall not sell off the calf until is grows to give birth to another calf.

The financial condition of the families involved in this animal husbandry is improving gradually, shared Rajan Sharma, executive secretary at the Local Development Fund, who was also in the observation visit to this VDC.

The husbandry that started with 10 buffaloes on the onset has reached 30 in the village.

Locals have been selling off the milk for Rs 45- 60 per litre.

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