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Locals elated as electricity illuminates rural village


Rampur (Palpa), November 20, 2016: Eighty-seven year old Man Kumari Bharaghare of Kerauli of the remote Jhadeba sprang suddenly to an upbeat mood as electrical power was introduced to illuminate her house located in a village which continues to rely on use of traditional lamps.

She said she felt like a dream when her daughter – in – law cooked rice in an electricity-powered rice cooker.

Ram Bahadur Chauhan, 76, said he had never imagined that there will be electric lights in his village and felt that the village turned into a city when it was illuminated with lights.

The Jhadeba’s local villagers had been trying to draw the expansion of the electricity network to their village for the past five years, but to no avail. Finally, they have succeeded with District Development Committee’s Rs 1.5 million in financial support and locals’ free labour, and it’s a dream come true.

The authorities had set up electric poles in the village four years ago, but the electricity authority failed to power the transformer line, local Yam Bahadur Ruchal said.

The electricity authority had said it would not release the electricity until the materials DDC purchased through bidding process were checked and verified for quality. This resulted in an unnecessary discord between the authority and the DDC, delaying the work further.

Chauhan said that not only Jhadeba VDC, but locals of Thimure, Koldanda and Dovan were also deprived of electric power for three years after rural electrification reached their localities. The locals are elated as they have been able to listen to FM radio, watch television channels, charge their mobile phones and start cooking with modern equipment.

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