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Love For Haor: Bangladesh teenagers come up with a new initiative to help flood victims in Sylhet


Chittagong (Bangladesh), June 15, 2017: Being an underdeveloped country with a humble income per capita, it comes as no surprise that Bangladesh suffers from a variety of problems ranging from the extreme poverty of millions of citizens to a multitude of natural calamities that leave areas of the country devastated from time to time.

The thoughtful young people of Chittagong, Bangladesh have realized that instead of being mere spectators to the problems, they themselves must take initiatives to bring change to the situation. Ogrograhi Foundation, based in Chittagong, is one such team of selfless teens. Having successfully conducted a series of activities for the betterment of the community in the past, the group has come up with a new project for helping people in the recently flooded braids in Sylhet, Bangladesh and bringing smiles on the faces of those helpless people.

On April this year, several districts in Sylhet, Bangladesh were ravaged by catastrophic flash floods following a period of high rainfall. On the course of these floods, thousands of hectares of farmlands were inundated, destroying crops which farmers had patiently cared for throughout the year. Without their produce to sell, these farmers and their families are now struggling for survival. Ogrograhi Foundation has realized that it is the duty of every Bangladeshi to stand beside these impoverished people. So the members of Ogrograhi, consisting of school and college students of Chittagong, Bangladesh are working relentlessly to raise awareness among people about the disaster and to collect funds for the flood victims. The group plans to send help in the form of food to the victims in the braids (‘Haors’) as soon as possible, and much awareness has already been raised, with people seeming quite eager to donate and support the cause.

Numerous students from reputed educational institutions of Chittagong are showing great interest in making the event a grand one, with the goal of bringing a moment happiness to the impoverished population of Chittagong.

Rigorous preparations for the project is currently being taken, and many people have already agreed to lend their support to Ogrograhi. With the hopes of building a brighter future for the nation in mind, the youthful visionaries of Ogrograhi Foundation, an energetic team of young visionaries are determined to keep working hard until the project achieves absolute success.

By Abdullah Ariyan Islam

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