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Do you love writing poetry and want to share it among a mass of people? ‘Kabi’ announces First Online Nepali Poetry Competition


Kabi is unique.

Kathmandu, July 31, 2017: A group of active Nepali youths have recently started a unique online poetry sharing/discussion platform named Kabi.

It was established as a social cause to save poems written by casual poets that get lost in time. Either because the poets lose the notebook they wrote the poem on or they forget about it in time. Kabi, therefore as a rising platform, is unique in saving those poems and taking them to everyone who love to read and write poems. Kabi is an open platform for anyone interested.

The Kabi team is organizing an online poem competition as their first step of the bigger plan. “We have organized the online poem competition to get as many people as possible on board before our next big step,” shared Saurav Lamsal, one of the founding members of Kabi. “This competition is also a great opportunity for all the poets especially those who are not full-time poets,” he added.

The young and aspiring team of Kabi says there are even more opportunities for young aspiring poets on the way.

“Although Kabi is currently active only on Facebook as a community (www.facebook.com/kabikabya), further plans to engage more people are underway,” informed the passionate team in the community.

“Almost all of us are poets by nature, knowingly or unknowingly. And our life is a collection of good poems. A lot of us manage to squeeze some out. It would be wonderful to see such life stories come out for everyone to read rather than get lost. And we are doing our best to make this a reality,” Bijay Sapkota, another founding member of Kabi shared to Glocal Khabar.

Participants choose any theme of their choice for the poetry for the competition.

You can participate in the competition by sending your poetry to kabikabya@gmail.com by August 10.

The winner will be announced on August 30, 2017.