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Maggie Doyne Deserves An Honorary Citizenship


April 12, 2015: While others of her age were busy with teens stuffs, Maggie Doyne dared to move on a journey that no other person would even think of.

She had that potential and courage to leave US when she was a teen to go to a poor developing country, establish schools for kids and train women to be self dependent.

Maggie has been doing voluntary work in western Nepal and has been outstanding in what she does. She has become an inspirational public figure to people in Nepal and around the world.

That is the reason why Maggie has earned a place in Nepalese hearts and the society. So, if not a full citizenship, an honorary citizenship would be a way to respect her sacrifices and her work for all she has done for us.

Let us request the Nepalese government to thank her by giving her the honorary citizenship and let her continue her precious work in Nepal by letting her being part of our nation literally.


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