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Maghe Sankranti, Maghi being observed nationwide

Photo: THT/ File

Kathmandu, January 14, 2017: Hindu devotees across the nation today are observing Maghe Sankranti festival with different rituals and programmes.

On the occasion, the devotees take a holy dip in rivers and feast on yams, ghee and different delicacies while Newars eat ghee, chaku and special food to celebrate the day.

Similarly, Tharus mark the festival by taking a dip in rivers and receiving blessings from elders.

Tharus celebrate the festival as Maghi, beginning of the new year.

Clad in traditional attires, Tharu people ogranise shows depicting different aspects of their culture on this day.

From the month of Magh, the sun enters the southern hemisphere and the days begin to grow longer and warmer, gradually bringing the winter to an end.

According to Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah, who had the power to control his own death, happened to choose to die on the day of Maghe Sankranti. Therefore it is believed that those who die on this day might achieve Moksha, the ultimate release from the suffering of rebirth.

Similarly, in the Kirant community, this festival is celebrated as Yele Dhung, the start of a new year.