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Mahayagya To Be Held At 108 Places Across The Country


April 6,2015: The ritual of mahayagya is to be held at 108 places across the country on Baisakh 1st, 2072 on the occasion of Nepali new year day, which falls on April 14.

The ritual of making offering to the fire god, Mahayaga aims to collect support for the construction of the Nepal Mata Temple at Shankarapur Municipality situated at the eastern part of Kathmandu district.

The prepartion for the ceremony has been made by the The Akhanda Baba Swami Shree Ji Charitable Trust.

Swami Kamal Nayanacharya, patron of the trust, said the mahayagya would complete on 7th Baishakh and such mayayagyas beginning and completing on the same date and same auspicious hour was the first one in the world.

“This effort will unite the people to preserve their own tradition, culture and religion.” the Swami added.



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