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Main rituals of Jitiya festival begin


Janakpurdham, Sept 15: The main rituals of the Jitiya festival, the greatest festival celebrated by the women of the Maithali and Tharu communities, have begun from today.

During the festival women take fast for 36 hours without even drinking water and they cannot abandon it midway. So, the festival is considered quite a challenge.

Jitiya has been recognized as one of the important festivals of the Madhesi culture. It is also known as Jimutbahan festival.

It starts on the seventh day and ends on the ninth day of the dark fortnight of the Nepali month of Aswin as per the lunar calendar. The women celebrate the festival by taking fast and performing worship wishing for the long life and welfare of their husbands and sons.

As per the popular belief, the festival is important because their wishes are fulfilled and the sons are blessed with long life if the festival is observed strictly according to the rituals.

If the festival happens to fall on Sundays and Tuesdays, it is considered as the special one. This is called as Khad Jitiya. There is a belief that the main objective of the festival is wishing for the salvation and welfare to the family members. RSS


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