Home National Major party leaders urge all to accept revised bill of new constitution

Major party leaders urge all to accept revised bill of new constitution

Major party leaders urge all to accept revised bill of new constitution
Major party leaders urge all to accept revised bill of new constitution

Kathmandu, Sept. 10: Leaders of major political parties while participating in the clause-wise deliberations on the revised bill of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 today have urged all to accept the draft of the new constitution.

Participating in the meeting, Nepali Congress Vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel pointed out the need of accepting the revised bill of new constitution as it was a common proposal of major parties.
He added that the interpretation made in the provision of religion was compulsive need therefore he opined for preserving the identity of the nation by addressing the need and wish of the nation.
Indicating the parties that were leaving the CA process, leader Poudel urged them to participate in the process as they were elected for the same purpose. He further said that the Nepal’s constitution was the best in the name of providing rights to women.

Leader Poudel urged disgruntled parties to come for talks as the Prime Minister and Major-Party senior leaders have called the Madhes-Centric parties for dialogue as the Prime Minister and leaders were ready to address the right demands of disgruntled parties.
He added that this was not the final draft though it has incorporated the principles of inclusiveness and proportional representation and dispute on the delineation of new provinces would be resolved after forming a federal commission.

CPN (UML) Vice-chair Bhim Rawal stated that the constitution delivery should not be further delayed as a long deliberation and exercise has been done in the past for the same.
Arguing that the constitution promulgation process should not be halted over any pretext, leader Rawal said that everyone should take pride in the delivery of the new constitution incorporating features like inclusiveness, proportional representation in the government bodies and entrusting all class and areas were provided rights.

Appealing the dissenting political parties to resolve their issues through the dialogue, Rawal urged them to honor the people’s mandate and embrace the revised constitution bill as a common document.
Endorsing the revised bill, lawmaker Surendra Prasad Pandey urged the political parties to continue with the constitution drafting process for a logical conclusion.
Stating that the draft of the constitution could be made more dynamic, Pandey believed that the revised draft would further institutionalize republican.
CPN (UML) leader Bhanubhakta Dhakal advised the dissenting political parties not quit the CA as it would not give a good message to the society. He rather suggested them that it would be more logical to further struggle for their rights by being flexible to forge consensus to the level they could agree.
Also, speaking at the deliberation, UCPN- Maoist lawmaker Goma Kunwar drew the government’s attention to ensure the women’s participation in various government bodies, which she argued, the revised bill had not mentioned.
Likewise, UCPN-Maoist lawmaker Lyarkyal Lama said that there was no need to define the word-secularism in the revised bill.
The deliberation on revised bill is on in the constituent assembly.

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