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“Nepal ma hami jasto yuwa lai gari khane bato nai chaina” statement by a youth who is in the herd of those carrying passport on their hand waiting for their boarding in TIA and seeing the investment of sweat and blood for minimum amount of dollars as opportunity.

Which one is easy? Either to sustain yourself among the group that is already well established (developed country) or among the one that has a lot to establish and improve for their substantiality (developing country) ? An open question for those youths who are standing in the line at TIA who do not see opportunity instead of seeking it. Statement could be sarcastic towards them but reality is transparent.

Nepal is moving forward from under developing nation towards being a developed one. A quest of Nepal is there to prove its existence from non-existence. A country which has a lot of dimensions where massive changes are yet to be brought. Don’t you forget that your big opportunity may be right where you are now. Along with this, we see the present trend of criticizing government or any other issue sowing the seed of our own idea stating “If this was done in this way, it would have been better”. We leave no point to present our ideas and perspectives. Now, I see that mindset or attitude of people as the one who can create opportunity. 

Let me explain how. What if all these ideas and opinions of people collectively came out to simply create some positive impact regardless of the fear of failure (a fearless attitude is seen with the presentation of views and opinions). What if they take their ideas with risk bearing attitude. The result is, it could help those hopeless, opinionated people who can turn down ideas into reality as entrepreneurs. The one who is utmost in context of Nepal to speed up its pace of development. 

Entrepreneurship, in general, is the setting up a business idea taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. And the man behind this business idea is an action oriented and highly motivated individual who is known as an entrepreneur.

If we look upon the trend of entrepreneurship, the culture seems to have its inception since the age of our grandparents or even more but people’s attitude towards it made this term more catchy in recent decades.

Nepal being witnessed as the country having rich culture and tradition, is itself a living proof that this culture of entrepreneurship has a long history. As M.Kirzner has rightly said “Entrepreneurship is one who perceives what others have not seen and acts upon that perception”. So, let’s look around; we have such exceptional business ideas that have been running so well that were once idea sowed with risk on hand. They have been creating job opportunity. ‘Narayan Dai ko masanghali ko momo’ could be one of its best example. 

So the fact is not deniable that the culture of entrepreneurship has a long history in itself. And in today’s context, it’s good to see entrepreneurship getting its true essence along with its importance at the same time.

Now-a day, wide range of perceptions and many factors have been promoting new ideas to come out in society. This trend has actually made the pillars of entrepreneurship more strong that many youths are highly motivated to start up their idea with an aim to create a positive impact.

Though the word entrepreneurship and its phenomenon became popular lately, what we need to understand here is the importance of this fancy culture for present Nepal for its prosperity.

  • Backbone of Nation

Remittance is a major contributor to the nation’s economy but how long can we be dependent on it when we want our youths back in the country. So why not produce entrepreneurs who don’t just look after their family’s economic status but also has a major role in country’s economic too. Hence, it  can create new wealth being confined to the scope of existing market. So, it’s a high time to strengthen our back bone.

  • Converse of unemployment problem 

In entrepreneurship, once the idea is successful, they won’t remain confined to finite people and finite platform. They grow at their level best and people’s participation in business increases. Thus, opportunities are created by the one who was previously in seek of it and it ultimately proves to be a converse to unemployment problem. Here, TOOTLE can be taken as a live example. It’s a concept of one to create positive impact among thousands.

  • Dignity of Nation

Imagine an idea that started up as a startup but visualize its impact created among billions. And see how a country’s fame, pride and dignity gets a height. Thus, an impactful idea must be duly welcomed so that these entrepreneurs can aspire and inspire. Visualize such ideas popping out of Nepalese mindset and feel overwhelmed in its massive impact, nearly similar as Instagram, Tootle and  GLOBAL GIVING and many more.

Not just being limited to these three points, entrepreneurship culture has a lot to give to Nepal once its revolution gets started in a full fledged way. A ripple for the massive wave is now needed inside the country. 

It’s a high time now that every sector needs to promote, practice and preserve this culture so that every idea gets  platform, every change is possible and above all of it Nepal becomes prosperous resulting entrepreneurship as new preached and practiced culture.

Madhu Sudan Dhakal