Make Facts about Chameliya public: Minister Gyawali

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Make Facts about Chameliya public: Minister Gyawali

Kathmandu,7 Dec 2014: Minister for Energy Radha Gyawali has urged the International and Labour Committee under the Legislature-Parliament to investigate into and make the facts public about the Chameliya hydro project.

Minister Gyawali said this at the meeting of the Committee today where she was invited to inform about the latest developments in power agreements recently held with different countries.

On the occasion, the Energy Minister said cost for per megawatt power produced by the project will be over Rs 500 million.

She further said though the project was not so beneficial to the country and people, it should be carried out as the project has achieved about 94 per cent progress so far.

The Minister said the government has given priority to the development of hydro projects in the country as it has faced severe power shortage.

In the meeting secretaries and joint secretaries at the Energy Ministry, Finance Ministry and Environment Ministry presented their respective  progress reports.

Concerned bodies said that different projects have not achieved notable progress due to various reasons.

Lawmakers had urged the concerned ministries to inform them about the latest progress in the Power Development Agreement held with India and about Chameliya, Rahughat, Trishuli III, Arun Projects.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Committee Chair Prabhu Saha.

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