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Make multiple use of your scarf


01 October, 2015: A scarf is often used as a shield to protect the skin from pollution or mask a bad hair day, this must-carry accessory for commuters can also be used to make a chic style statement.

Here are some ways in which you can go creative with the neck-wrap.

As a belt
On basic bottoms, you can try experimenting with patterned scarves instead of a regular belt. Carry off this look with a crop top. Replace it with jewelery when it comes to accessorizing. A scarf can be worn as a statement neck-piece. There are a lot of detachable pieces or danglers available in the market, which you can hook on a scarf and use as a bracelet or anklet.

As a head wrap
Ditch your conventional caps, visors and hats; instead, use your scarf as a turban. Apart from lending a great stylish look, it will also protect your hair. The turban will compliment both the casual and ethnic look.

Jazz up flip-flops
Give your everyday slippers a makeover with a burst of colors. Twist a vibrant scarf around the straps and tie it at the ends. Alternately, you could wrap it around your calves to make a gladiator footwear. Team it with a skirt or pair it with shorts.


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