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Makeup hacks for women !!


12 October, 2015: Many women complain about not having enough time to put their makeup. There is so much these women can do without having to spend hours in front of the mirror, fixing just their hair and makeup. Every woman loves and wants to look beautiful; make up is one magical thing that allows them to look and feel beautiful. The power of makeup is undeniable because it can make any face look gorgeous, even when you’re having an acne breakout it can make your face look flawless. For those who are always on the run to make it on time to their jobs or meet and also want to look presentable, from head to toe, there many makeup hacks that can save time and give their faces a pleasant and fresh look.

The Eye makeup:

There is so much you can cover and achieve if your eye makeup is perfect. We’ve alnatural-eye-makeup-6l had our tired, and dark circled eye moments. We helplessly apply layers of concealers and eye shadows. But just applying under your dark circles gives you a shabby, unfinished look making the eye look more tired. The right way to do so is apply the concealer in an inverted triangular way. This works quicker and covers more areas than just the eye bag under your eye. To make your eyes appear bigger and your eye shadow more prominent, apply a white eye pencil over your eyelid before applying any eye shade.

To give your eyeliner the perfect wing, you can apply some tape slanted out of the corner and make your wing just around it. You can even keep a spoon’s handle, slanted around the outer corner to quickly apply the eyeliner along the slanted handle.

Lipstick That Lasts:

If your lipstick is gone just moments after you apply then you really need something that is long lasting. Once you’re done applying your lipstick then cover your lips with a tissue paper and apply some translucent powder over it. If you have chapped lips apply some Vaseline, before applying the lipstick.

Let your face do the talking:

The trend of makeup keep changing when it comes to face contouring. However, to make things simple you can just use a little trick if you are not using foundations and concealers; just cover your major areas with your regular base and blend that well. Don’t forget to use blusher to highlight your best features, even when you’re not applying any foundation. Do your eye makeup first, before you go about applying foundation. This leaves room for correction without having to remove all of your makeup and can help remove excess eye shade particles that fall under your eye.


Spray some water onto your face once you’re done with your make up to let it set and to make your makeup look light and perfectly finished.

Stay beautiful!


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