Malala : False Recognition


    By: Pravin Basyal

    “I had to remain silent and die, or raise my voice and eventually die. These were the only two options I had, and I selected the second one, thinking that somewhere someone really needs to stand.” These were the words Malala said while addressing her thanks for having awarded the noble peace prize. Hats off to her guts. To rise from among the girls at that age was really praise worthy. To add on it more, to rise for education was awesome, and more awesome was to rise against one of the highest class of criminal group.

    But this is not where it ended. The decision of awarding Malala with that award ended up flooding the social media with criticisms to the decision. The few accuses made included her not being able to impact the schooling in Pakistan, but just an impact on the western minds. Similarly, not having spent years with dedication i.e. it’s too early to award her. Also, education campaigns in Pakistan don’t acknowledge her. The Noble prizes were initiated to award those who have left a material impact, but judging on the accuses made, it’s clear that there’s no specific impact Malala has left apart of herself being famous, or at least not specific enough to be eligible to receive such a great title.

    This award was shared by Malala with the Indian human rights activist Kailash Satyarthi. Comparing these two, Satyarthi is far ahead in terms of material impacts to the society by helping thousands of children, if the data are true. While Malala still can’t return to Pakistan. Still having on mind that the Norwegian society that gives this award won’t be able judge the real value of actions in the opposite corner of the world, people will at least search for a satisfactory decision. But their response clearly shows that their credibility to this award has decreased.

    It is true that Malala turned to be famous after she was shot doesn’t necessarily mean that she hadn’t done anything. Actually, she was shot because of her actions, and was called for and targeted while firing the bullet, which signifies that she had already started her acts of activism. But isn’t it too early to award her, only with the theme that it would give her further encouragement for such acts and thus ignoring plenty of others who had already achieved milestones in their actions.

    A young lady to come up with such a vision is really praise worthy. And more appealing is her courage. Still on having threats on her family, or still on facing bullet on the head and sleeping in the coma for eight days, she remained fearless. She has continued her journey, though might not have received much. She asked to Obama about the drone attacks in Pakistan, all I could do at that age was upload status in Facebook claiming it the biggest achievement to have met the most powerful person on earth. The courage this girl has shown is of a very high level. But this doesn’t mean that she has done enough to be awarded with the noble peace prize. People would have been satisfied to see her getting awarded as the most courageous girl or something like that. How does it sound when an amazing fighter is awarded with the Oscar award?


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