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Maldhunga-Beni road halted for past three days


Falebas (Parbat),15 Oct 2014: The Maldhunga-Beni road connecting Parbat and Myagdi districts has been obstructed for the past three days due to incessant rain that occurred since Monday evening. The road section has been obstructed since Modnay night with the fall of landslide at Nangliwang-9, Farse of Parbat district, informed the District Police Office, Parbat. The vehicular movement has come to a grinding halt after the 15-metre-dense landslide fall on the road from 25 metres above. DSP Mahendra Kumar Shrestha said the landslide-triggered debris has yet to be cleared from the road since it is still raining here. The dozer and security personnel have been kept in ready-to-go position for road clean-up but the rain has disturbed the bid, he added. With the road disruption the long and short route vehicles to and from Myagdi and Mustang have been stranded at Milanchowk and Khaniyaghat, police added.

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