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Mama’s Tea Shop: Serving Teas since ’95


One can find Mama’s Tea Shop right beside to the main palace of Basantapur. Mama’s Tea Shop, with over 2 decades of serving happy customers got its present shape when Late Gautam Ratna Bajracharya handed over the keys of the house to Gopal Prasad Acharya, the present owner of the tea shop. Acharya, commonly known as ‘Mama’, is a popular figure among the strollers of Basantapur.

People love to hang out during lunch, after work, and in during break hours. Mama’s Tea Shop has been a junction where people from different regions and backgrounds gather. We can see a lot of people sitting inside and outside of the shop enjoying the cup of tea. Every day, Mama doles out endless cups of tea, along with nuggets of wisdom and lots of good energy, to his large crowd of regulars.

Mama was graduated from the Calcutta University in Business Studies in 1971 A.D. He stayed in India for 40 years for his studies and job but he could do nothing with his salaries rather than earning his basic needs. So, he immediately decided to quit his job and returned back to Nepal. As he always dreamt of being a prominent businessman, he started his business in Thamel. However, the things didn’t go in his favour.

“I had a partnership with my friend and we were working so nicely with our business but I was dumped,” Mama recalled.

Mama had an enormous loss of time and money with the business in Thamel. Residing all those frustrations and griefs at one place, Mama again had a stubborn desire to access a business on his own because he never wanted his dream to fade away.

Therefore, he initiates his small Tea Shop in Basantapur with the helping hands of his family members. He has also got two boys as a helper. “These two boys study in sixth and seventh grade respectively. They help me every morning and evening serving people cups of tea and they go to school during the daytime,” said Mama, “everyone who visits Basantapur would like to have a cup of tea here because when it comes to attracting customers, we are the best.

Mama is satisfied with his income which has helped him rent where he uses the ground floor for the business and rest for the residential purpose. He has been able to provide good education to his son and daughter and two helping hands in his business.

Mama is one of the inspirations to all of the youths out there who thinks that Nepal has no opportunities at all.

“Just wake up and see! Nepal is the destination of possibilities. We should take enough time to research and to gain sufficient knowledge. I think everyone beyond me may instigate whatever they desire, but they must have a strong courage to initiate.”-Gopal Prasad Acharya aka Mama.

Presented By: Manisha Bagale