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Manager Of The Year Award Won By Nepali Youth In UK


Bhaktapur, June 10: A Nepali youth has won the award for the manager of the year award 2015 for the McDonald’s fast food chain in Europe.

A student of business management, the 25-year-old name Pramesh Raj Giri of Dattatraya, Bhaktapur won the award established in memory of the founder of McDonalds Ray Kroc by outwitting 1,400 managers across Europe.
Besides that he has also been working for the fast food giant in Britain. Giri has been living in Britain for the past six years.
Talkng with RSS from his base in Britain, Giri said “My struggle for work and honesty has been recognized, and is a matter of pride for Nepal as well.”

Giri was awarded at the function which was held in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic recently.



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