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Marigolds worth 6 million being imported for Tihar

Florists selling marigold flowers in Kalimati of Capital on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, October 24, 2016: The Capital is likely see an import of marigold garlands worth Rs 6 million for this year’s Tihar Festival.

Floriculture Association Nepal has estimated that the import of marigold garlands from India will go up compared to the last time. The Association plans to import 200,000 garlands which is more by 50,000 compared to the last year.

The peak season for the import of flower and floral items is the Tihar, according to Association President Kumar Kasaju Shrestha. Consumers may have to pay up to Rs 80 per garland this time. During last year, the price of a garland was up to Rs 120.

Though the country is gradually becoming self-dependent on the production of Makhamali (Globe amaranth) and Godawari (Chrysanthemum indicium), the production of marigold is still insufficient to meet the demand.

The country spends around Rs 1.5 billion every year on the import of flowers and floral products. Flower transactions worth Rs 70 million takes place during Tihar in the country.

The floral business that formally began in Nepal in 1950, is gradually flourishing in the country. Around 400 species of flowers are cultivated in 147 hectares of land. Over 41,000 people are directly and indirectly benefited from floral business in the country.

Source: RSS