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Maximum five provinces advised

'No more than five provinces'
'No more than five provinces'

Kathmandu, August 5, 2015: While federating the country, political parties have been advised for no more than five provinces .

The Aware Civil Society argued that carving of more provinces would lead the country towards disintegration, at a press meet in the capital city on Wednesday. So, while federating the country scientific base should be chosen.

“Federalism is meant for bringing the people ruled out from state facilities to the mainstream of state, however, in the context of Nepal, it is being used as a weapon for capturing state power”, political analyst Dr Surendra KC said.

The country would again fall into a dispute if the constitution was drafted keeping aside the demarcation of federal units, Former Minister Ganesh Saha warned. “People’s rights can’t be curtailed by suppression and the CA shall be dissolved only after addressing the sentiments of mass people.” Federalism which can alter the fate of the country with keeping the country harmony unaffected is the need of the hour, he stressed.

“More than four provinces would not be better for the country”, Ratna Rajya Campus’ teacher Govinda Prasad Acharya said .

“A provincial unit covering less than 30,000 sq kilometers of territory should be denied”, Society President Ramesh Dahal said .

Senior Citizens Struggle Committee’s coordinator Mahaprasad Parajuli said that  for the country, three provinces following the name of Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali rivers would be a good.


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