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Medical Education Ordiance passed by the Parliament


Kathmandu, May 09, 2018: The Medical Education Ordinance was passed by the Parliament in a meeting on Wednesday. The ordinance was tabled by the Minister for Education and endorsed by the majority lawmakers.

The government had issued the same ordinance back in December last year owing to pressure from different stakeholders including the students, political parties and campaigners but failed to replace it with an act.

The constitutional provision requires that an ordinance be replaced by an act within a period of 60 days from the enactment. The government failed to table the bill to replace the ordinance in the first session of the Parliament leading to the re-issue of the ordinance.

Majority of the parliamentarians voted in favor of the ordinance while the representatives from Nepal Workers and Peasants Party were critical of the ordinance, particularly the restriction to establish new medical colleges in the valley for ten years.

Apart from the Medical Education Ordinance, three other ordinances regarding National Assembly Election; Truth and Reconciliation Commission (first amendment); and Remuneration, Facilities and Condition of Service of the Secretary General of the Federal Parliament, Secretary of House of Representatives and Secretary of the National Assembly.