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Meghna Lama: Women with a Courageous Heart


When we are busy taking our life as granted there is someone who is fighting for their existence. For that, one needs a lot of courage to stand for self. Meghna Lama is known as Female transgender who is also a human rights advocate for LGBTI. The winner of Miss Transgender Nepal (Miss Pink) in 2010. She went further representing Nepal in the international platform at Miss International Queen. Now, she is working as a social worker by interest who not only helps and works for the welfare of LGBTI communities but also for underprivileged and minority groups. Diligent Meghna also has her own restaurant called ‘Pink Tiffany’ Which is the first restaurant opened by a transgender in Nepal. Her dedication and hard work have changed the track of her life.

Behind her success

We live in a society where it is hard for one to accept the originality of a person. Likewise, Meghna was born as a male but with a feminine soul. She found out the difference at a very early age. It was hard for her to come out at the beginning as she couldn’t find anyone that supportive and motivative towards her character. She faced many challenges and overcome them. In 2009 she found Blue Diamond Society through which she got a sign of courage to come out in society as a transgender. It was hard for her at the beginning. ”I didn’t have a place to present my views but getting involved in different NGOs and back support and counselling provided by the Blue Diamond Society helped me to move forward towards my success.”

Challenges to overcome her dreams

There are problems for everyone. What would be the most challenging thing in life when someone puts a question mark on your character? This is what was the biggest challenge for her. Her own family was too not ready to stand for her. It was hard for her while she was going through a lot of physical and emotional changes. Being the only child of her parents was another objection to her. She had faced lots of emotional tortures. The way society viewed her, the way people rejected her presence made her struggle a lot. All these were the barriers to achieving her dreams. “ Even though I have managed to come a long way in my life I think I am only able to full fill 10% of my dreams and even to grant them I had to clash through many complications.”

The initiation of Pink Tiffany Restaurant

Pink Tiffany is a restaurant that is founded by Meghna Herself which is located at Thamel, Saatgumti Chwok near Burger House. It is the one and only restaurant that is opened by a transgender in Nepal with the purpose of zero discrimination among different races, genders. There are lots of LGBTI around Nepal who are finding really hard to expose themselves to society. It is located at  Pink Tiffany has given them a place to be themselves and grab their freedom. Along with that, it is also providing employment to those who are not being able to expose themselves to society. Meghna mentioned that even though Pink Tiffany is an ordinary restaurant she has been carrying out a vision of helping orphan children from the profit she gains from the restaurant.

Message to Youths

“Youths are the energetic blood who are well introduced to modern technologies due to which we can be a helping hand to the needy ones. Instead of wasting our time doing unnecessary things we can use that power and ability in doing something good and fruitful which will be the act of benefit for both the receiver and the giver. Along we can also use that power on creating something new so that we can make history.”

By: Januka Dhodari