Mero Chitra Wears: Growing Nepali Clothing Brand

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Nepal’s Cloth market is heavily dominated by various international apparels and clothing brands. Large money is spent to import the garments from other countries. However, few Nepali clothing brands have come up with their creative print designs and quality and are getting popular among people. Mero Chitra Wears has established itself as such unique and appealing brand.


Mero Chitra Wears was started on 7 Baishak 2072 B.S. with the aim to promote the manufacture of quality T-shirts with creative prints inspired by the rich culture, tradition, literature and beauty of Nepal. The company has a total of four outlets- one in Lalitpur and three in Pokhara along with a custom printing facility. Initially, they were focused on manufacturing T-shirts but now they produce a variety of garments from hoodies to sweatshirts, caps to apron and sweater to half pants.

Dil Shrestha, 25, is the CEO and Creative Designer of Shrestha Wears Pvt. Ltd. Born and raised in a family who owned a garment shop, he thinks his upbringing taught him practical skills and knowledge regarding business. It has become an advantage for him at present.

Dil Shrestha

Three years ago, due to the advent of some problems in his family’s clothing store, they were set to shut it. Dil was pursuing his degree in engineering at that time but he was not envisioning himself happy in his future. So, he decided to drop out of the engineering college and running his ‘set to shut’ family business with a brand-new idea and style. With an idea to start their own family business, he pursued his father with the proposal; however, his father denied to provide him with money and support.

Dil was determined to start his own clothing brand and nothing could stop this determined young gun. At first, he had his brother, Khem Lal Shrestha, to help him. As the business started yielding profit, his father also supported him.


In an exclusive interview with Dil Shrestha, we try to explore the insight of his business.

Q, What makes Mero Chitra Wears different from other clothing outlets?

We are always focusing on making our print designs more unique, catchy and with a message that can inspire particularly youths of our nation. We want to instill the feeling of patriotism, brotherhood and nationality in them. Also, our designs showcase the unexplored cultures and traditions of our communities and fuse Nepali contemporary society with the modern world.

T-shirts with unique designs

Q. Where do you get the raw materials and who design the products?

We import raw materials from India and Biratnagar. The processes of cutting, stitching, printing and packing are done in our factory at Gaurighat before delivering to our outlets. As I am interested in arts, I do the initial designs and later hand them to the graphic designing team for the final touches.

Q. Do you think your products are affordable and maintain good quality?

Our motto is Wear Local, Feel Global. Pricing our products too high and gaining more profit is not motive for running our company. We want to inspire our young people and if they can’t afford our products then it’s useless. Talking about the quality we make sure that our customers are satisfied and have been visiting us regularly.

Q. What are your future plans to expand your brand?

We are thinking of expanding Mero Chitra Wears to other major cities of Nepal through a franchise model. Developing online shopping website is what we are focusing on. Till date, we have been able to promote the beauty of Nepal and appreciate artists who are underrated. We will continue our mission and increase our customers.

Q. What are your wise words to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dedication, determination and hard work are a must in business. Nepal is the best place for business startups. You should have proper research and knowledge regarding the field before starting a business. Make entrepreneurship your lifestyle and don’t fear of failures.

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