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Midnight flash flood inundates Beni Bazaar


In Picture: File photo from Landslide Flood in Kaligandaki River, 2015

Myagdi, June 12, 2016: A flash flood which struck on Saturday night at Beni Bazaar caused damages to more than a hundred houses and retail shops while forcing the residents to stay awake all night.

The flood cascading from a higher ground above the settlement at 11 pm inundated the houses in Campus Chowk and Mangal Ghat. The flood laden with slush and stones broke into the houses.

The flood water has affected settlements in Shikchya Marg, Pipal Chowk, Ganesh Tole, Sangam Chowk, Hulak Chowk and Bank Chowk along with Saibaba temple and lower bazaar areas.

Campus Chowk resident, Govinda Baniya, said that food commodities, vegetables, clothes, gold and jewelleries, hardware and meat shops were impacted by the flash flood.

The Nepal Army, police and the locals are trying to repair the damages and tame the flooding. Machapuchhre Bank’s Security Guard, Kabiram Sunar, said that the residents of the Bazaar stayed awake all night after a ‘sudden and huge flood’ struck.

The details of the losses incurred in the flash flood triggered by two hours of incessant rainfall at night will be collected this morning, according to Police Inspector, Lokendra Singh Guru.

Source: RSS