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A young student pursuing his undergrad degree attended a seminar related to his academics. Everyone seemed to have patience, were amicable and serene throughout the event. But all out of sudden, a mentor called out his name to ask few questions but the lad did not stand up and mentor had to yell out his name thrice. His friend pinched him and made him alert about the situation. He stood up in a very clumsy way behaving unusually. When mentor asked him a question, he answered being a bit anxious and out of focus.

This small background sends a message that every youth in this modern era has lost the feeling of self-awareness. Hectic schedules, daily routine, quest to look good, social appearance, hustle to stand best in your academics, passion, saturated connection with friends and family and a lot of things that we prioritize as the things to be in the check-list of getting excellence or running in a smooth manner. While we run the marathon to do these many things, we often tend to lose ourselves. We forget to live in the moment and even forget to connect ourselves. In a simple way, we don’t remain mindful.

Mindfulness, in a simple way, is described as consciously focusing your mind at present without being judgmental and attached to the moment.

Mostly at teenage where voice of teens are unheard among the mass and often the challenges they have to go through are also neglected. Their emotional and mental challenges are not recognized. Different forms of bullying, tyrannize, bearing responsibilities to meeting up the expectations often freak them out. All these things’ reflection is seen in behavior of young people in the form of anxiety, panic-attack, emotional imbalance and condition can get severe leading Depression. They start to develop feelings of white sheep and black sheep in terms of what they perceive and how they behave.

Thus, teens dealing with such profuse emotions and mental health can have inferior repercussion. So, for today’s youth,  remaining mindful is very significant.

Now, why is it important to remain mindful? We know everyone of us has similar cranial capacity of 1400cc but everyone’s potentiality to use it, is not the same. In the same way, life being a rollercoaster ride, series of incidents happen around you. In the same way, you will have different emotional state. But, it is very difficult for today’s youth to handle this emotional disparity. So, the remaining mindful ones can have a stable emotional regulation. Repercussion of not having stable mindset results stress, anxiety, panic attack to an individual; so if you try to remain mindful you will surely get out of it.

You often seem to be present at the situation but the mental state deviates round and round which is not remarkable in general. It’s like your body is here, but you are lost away with your mental state. When one’s attention is not there right at the moment self awareness is lost. A person can lose focus out of things that h/she is involved in. Person’s presence does not seem to be more lively. So being mindful acts as an antidote to all these problems. One can connect themselves with this real world and be aware of things around. 

In today’s youth, we can feel that they are not living in the moment; we find them either bemoaning the past or catastrophizing the future. They are often complaining about the things that is happening around them. Through this they can not rejoice in the present moment. And all these are resulted by the challenges and responsibilities they feel in life. So, if a youth starts to become mindful, one can surely subsist the situation.

The core theme that lies behind this urge to remain mindful for every youth is, it helps to connect them with the present world, have their emotions in balanced state and alert the importance of self awareness. Remaining mindful will definitely help youngsters to cope with entangled situation of life. 

For the youth who are supposed to be backbone of country is very necessary to remain mindful. They should not get bothered by any situations in life. They need to keep big head on their shoulders and move ahead with a strong guts to face every challenge that comes their way without being judgmental about the situations. This will definitely help them to remain mindful and make everything possible on their way.

So, stay mindful, stay positive!


-Madhu Dhakal