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Mining the Abilities in Disabilities Through Baja Nepal


Kathmandu, April 24, 2019: Baja Nepal is again on its next mission to empower disabled people with skills on playing musical instruments and singing. Baja Nepal is also organizing the musical evening on Baisakh 13 to invite more people in their initiative in the partnership with Nepal Tourism Board.

Baja Nepal is an initiative taken by the team of Sudarshan GC to empower the traditional musicians of all the underprivileged parts of Nepal. Baja Nepal is recently focused on registering more traditional musicians to the team with their official agreement.

“Everyday we walk through the road or sky bridges, we find differently abled people. They can sing beautifully. They can play instruments well. But unfortunately, they beg so Baja Nepal wants to empower them too.” Says the founder of Baja Nepal. The problem they are facing is the lack of good training and their networks. Baja Nepal is trying to bridge that gap to empower disabled people all over Nepal. Baja Nepal is partnering with such people individually or with their group and organization.

To inform about their initiative, Baja Nepal is going to organize the event on Baisakh 13 with different traditional musicians at Nach Ghar, Jamal from 4.30 pm onwards. The musical event is trying to invite more audiences by providing free tickets to the first 100 people. Baja Nepal is a platform where anyone with the skills of playing instruments or singing can register themselves as bajauneys or can refer bajauneys they know.
For booking related queries, contact: http://fb.com/bajanepal