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Mistakes: Milestone to Success


Have you ever felt like you’ve hit the rock bottom? Have you ever witnessed what it feels like when the thing that you left no stones unturned fails? We all have sometime or the other gone through these things. You simply feel like giving up and you even question yourself, Why only me?

The answer remains unanswered because at times we fail to realize that everyone goes through these situations. Life is a battle not with anyone else but with own self. We are sometimes unknown to the things others are going through just because we dither to share our feelings and the same goes with others. The fear of making mistakes and living life in regrets is something we all have in common. Successful people are not those who never make mistakes, they are the ones who learn from their mistakes, find why and how they made and try to learn from their own experiences.

Life without challenges is boring and monotonous at the same time because these challenges hit you hard, make you fall at times and teach you to wake up the 8th time even if you fall for the seven times. These are the chronicles of life and we need to learn from each and every experience. To be honest, mistakes are the milestone to success.

Thomas Alva Edison, “I have not failed, I have just found 10000 ways it won’t work”. The same goes for us. Sometimes, time is not in our favor and things get out of control but that’s not the end. We learn from our mistakes, get lessons and move ahead and that’s it. We have made myriads of mistake, but we learned thousands of ways to tackle them and even our experiences may help others. We never fail because we either win or learn something or the other from it. When you make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, you have two choices with you- you either regret over the past or learn the lesson from it and move ahead.

Don’t ever look back to your dark past because the bright future is yet to come. Do not let the fear of losing conquer yourself instead rule over your fear and see how you change in no time. These things matter a lot in the end because people’s habit of regretting over the past leads them nothing but nervousness, anxiety.

Hard work and dedication are all that matters. We cannot taste the fruit of success without working day and night. We simply see a person reaching heights, but we fail to understand the real struggle and hardships behind it. Life is not always of roses, there are thrones too and that’s what makes it more interesting. Do not confine yourself to a certain area or boundary; Do not limit yourself. Successful people were ordinary people who just did hard work and learned from their mistakes. Rather than wasting time and regretting over the thing that has already happened, utilize the time to do something productive. Make the most of your time and see how you and your perspective changes within no time. Making a mistake is understandable but failing to learn from it is not.

We seek advice from our elders because they are the one who has gained most of the experiences. By their age, they must have come across myriads of difficulties and different situations. They know thousands of ways to deal with them which could be of some use to us also. In the end, it’s all about failing, making mistakes and learning from different circumstances.

Highs and lows are part of our life and they teach us how to deal with different situations and It’s necessary to fail sometimes too because failure sometimes is the key to success. And the main thing that we all need to set in our mind- “Never Give Up!”  Maybe we could have never been introduced to the electric bulb if Thomas Alva Edison had given up, but he didn’t. He continued with the hope of achieving something and made the impossible to possible. We too can achieve what we want but all we need is the courage to start off and little faith in ourselves. Give it a try, reflect the journey.

You never lose, you either win or learn something out of everything. When something fails it’s not the end of the world. Rather it’s a chance to prove yourself!! Try seeing opportunities in failure as well.

  • AnupaKhanal