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Mobile Phone Importers Association formed


Kathmandu, December 5, 2016: Mobile phone importers in Nepal have now formed Mobile Phone Importers’ Association (MPIA). The association was established under the leadership of Deepak Malhotra, chairman of Integrated Mobility Solutions, the authorized importer and distributor of Samsung mobile phones in Nepal.

Organizing a press meet, mobile phone importers have said that the need for such an umbrella body representing domestic importers of mobile phones was felt to address challenges that have arisen due to the expansion of the grey market of mobile phones in Nepal.

Though importers and mobile phone dealers have been able to cope with the various challenges that have emerged with the growth in market, a collective effort was needed to discourage grey market of mobile phones, which is a threat to country’s peace and security, said Malhotra in the programme.

Malhotra has further said that as importers are now united, they will coordinate with the government to engage in constant monitoring to control the flow of illegally imported mobile phones.

Similarly, Vice President of MPIA Sanjay Agrawal has said that controlling the grey market of mobile phones in the country would have a positive impact on government revenue and the country’s overall economy. MPIA aims to make Nepal’s mobile phone industry more responsible and disciplined, he added.