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Mobile Photography: My Passion


“There is one thing the photograph must contain – the humanity of the moment.”
– Robert Frank

A great photographer can make a beautiful photos using any device capable of capturing images. Well, I am not a professional photographer but I am highly passionate about photography. I don’t need expensive equipments and cameras to capture moments. I enjoy mobile photography, and my mobile phone has been so handy and useful for my interest.

In my view, mobile photography is an art of photography. To me, the mobile is perfectly adequate for taking photos and posting them in social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook. Perhaps mobile photography is intertwined with the social media that it should be called social mobile photography. But it does not mean that every photos that I take need to shared. However, I believe Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever and it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

The best camera is the one that is always with me that is mobile photography. I am always ready to keep my phone in camera mode so that when I unlock it, it is ready for taking pictures. It may be an obvious thing to say, but nevertheless, I always remember to carry my charger with me most of the times. I never get hesitated while clicking photos or moments that I catch up. I never trust that my first photo will be good enough so I prefer capturing more photos.

Probably, I know that I am not good at night photography. Pictures comes blurred and the quality of photo may not be good. It is always best to click pictures in a better lighting conditions. I take care of small things generally while capturing pictures.

Nowadays there are many apps that helps in creating beautiful images and pictures but sometimes a picture is much better without filters. I am an instagram user and I thank to the popularity of Instagram, it has become the latest thing to enhance photo with a filter.  Most of the time I use native camera but when I post photos on instagram I generally use instagram filters. However, I love natural photos.

I also have a separate instagram account to publish my skills of mobile photography. I have been to many beautiful places of Nepal and have captured moments which is posted through my page. Not only that, the best portraits that I took were from Patlekhet, Kavre are also posted on my page.

The popularity of mobile photography is rising these days. Photography is so accessible that even a minor can take a decent photo. That is why it is not necessary to be a professional photographer to show your skills. Instead, I seek authentic photos. I capture the essence of a special day, special moments with my family and friends that makes beautiful photos that always cherish for a lifetime.

I want to dwell in nature and capture the endless beauty of nature because I am a nature lover. Because what I see, is what I feel. It is hard to believe that photography have the power to make me happy, excited, thoughtful, proud, grateful, peaceful, and an abundance of love, but it has already been a part of my life. I enjoy photography and it makes me happy as I am passionate about it.

-Swechha Poudel