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Modern Science Labs and Libraries: Quality Education begin to intensify


Province 5: The Butwal Sub Metropolis has established a modern science laboratory and library in all the 38 community schools to increase the level of quality education. The sub metropolis’s office has established libraries with computers and WiFi facilities and constructed a modern lab in the schools. The students attend a practical class in a science laboratory.

Mayor of the sub metropolis, Mr. Shivaraj Subedi said that his office has taken this step to strengthen the teaching-learning experience for students through practical education. He mentioned- “The sub metropolis aims to reform the education sector. That’s why we have prioritized building libraries and upgrade science labs in community schools.”

The sub metropolis allocated Rs 2 million for the construction of science labs in community schools in the last fiscal year. The labs were constructed in different schools at NabinAudhoygik Kadar Bahadur Reeta Secondary School in Devinagar, Kanti Secondary School in Haatbazaar Line and Siddheshwor Lal Kumari Secondary School in Deepnagar.

An eleventh-grader zoology student, Amisha Sen Oli, said that it is easy to understand lessons with the help of the modern lab in school. She says- “We study our coursebook in class and understand the subject matter in the lab. This has helped us to understand our lessons better.”

The sub metropolis allocated Rs 4.8 million to establish the libraries last year. The headmaster of Kanti Secondary School, Mr.Govinda Gyawali said that students have shown interest in studies after the establishment of a library.

Establishment of modern libraries at Amar, Ujir Singh, Gyanodaya and Jiteshwori Secondary Schools. The schools had received Rs 650,000 each to construct a modern library last year. The sub metropolis plans to establish five more libraries in different schools this year.

Chief at Education Division of the sub metropolis, Mr. Mitramani Khanal said that the libraries have been set up in community schools to encourage students to pass their leisure time through learning. Each of the libraries consists of books and computer facilities. This has provided an additional platform for students to learn.

Source: The Kathmandu Post