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Mo:Mo with a twist at Bajeko Sekuwa


The name jhaneko  itself is so Nepali that I could not resist going to Bajeko Sekuwa to try out their newly introduced dishes in their menu, ‘Jhaneko Mo:Mo’ and ‘Soup Mo:Mo’.

If Soup Mo:Mo reminded you of the Johl Mo:Mo that you eat to warm up your cold and chilly winter days, my dear- you are absolutely wrong. Like every other person, I too had thought Soup Mo:Mo was another name for Johl Mo:Mo.

But, Jhaneko Mo:Mo could be something new to try. As the waiter brought Soup Mo:Mo, my anticipation turned into excitement. The dish was served in a bowl with a lid. As the lid was opened, the fresh aroma of the soup tickled my nose and arouse my taste buds. As I dug into the bowl and sipped a spoonful of soup into my mouth, flavoured chicken keema hit my tongue with its soft texture and this added a twist to this regular dish. The soup was rich in flavor and that was cooked in chicken stock with chicken keema (minced chicken) and spices. The white dumplings floated in the soup. The food was generous in portion and I enjoyed eating it.

Soup MO:MO

Next, Jhaneko Momo came along. Well, what added a little drama was the way Jhaneko Mo:Mo was presented to us with a sizzle. Not at all expected, this dish was presented in a way sizzler was presented, with the smoke and a little blaze on a wooden plate.  And, this was what Jhaneko meant. The Mo: Mo ko Achar or the sauce was also very much different than the regular sauce. I liked the achar so much that I ended up asking for more until the Mo:Mos dazzled in the thick brown sauce. (PS: Feel free to ask for the extra sauce if you liked it or need it). Slightly smoked and very soft, the Mo:Mo was a sheer delight.

Jhaneko MO:MO

I liked these newly introduced food items at Bajeko Sekuwa. Not merely due to its taste, but because of the way this famous Nepali food was presented with a twist and that too in a unique way. Had the garnish been a little more with a coriander and other ingredients and the choice of suitable cutlery was made, it would have been a pleasure to eyes as well. I would not mind a hint of lemon in the soup as well. Or, the lemon could be made optional by just serving it together with the dish.

Absolute delight!

By Anusha Kadel