Morang started the campaign in brick factories against child labour

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Biratnagar, April 13, 2018: The awareness program against child labour has started in brick factories in Morang.

According to the information of Global Fairness Incentive Nepal and Greater Brick Nepal, NGOs, child labour has seen widely in 23 brick factories of 14 districts in the east only.

The NGO’s has thought ahead at the conference about for freeing child labour in the district brick factories, providing health security to workers, creating a work-friendly environment, and managing accommodation for workers.

Hom Nath Acharya, the President of the Incentive Nepal stated that an action should be taken against those factories using a child labour and also the brick factories should be developed as industries.

As the data, there are around 600,000 children are engaged in the total 1,294 brick factories across the country

Dilli Ram Giri, a President of the Greater Brick finalize that there should be laws for labouring child at brick factories.

More than Rs 500 million worth of brick are produced every year and there is a plan to increase the production to around Rs 5 billion by 2020.

Source: RSS