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More fuel-laden tankers enter Nepal via Dhangadhi point


Dhangadhi, December, 6, 2015: The Banthara Depot of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has loaded all Nepali tankers with fuels in the recent days. The tankers have been supplying the petro products in the far-west belt.

The Regional Office of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), Dhangadhi, said that all the tankers have been given fuel from the Banthara Depot of IOC lately adding that only four-five tankers were provided with fuel earlier.

A total of 16 fuel-laden tankers entered Nepal on Wednesday while 14 tankers entered the country on Thursday.

Likewise, 20 fuel filled tankers entered Nepal on Saturday, the highest quantity after the India imposed unofficial blockade to Nepal, said Information Officer of NOC Dhangadhi Office Shivaraj Bhandari.

Despite the increased amount of fuel imports, the far-west region is still facing the fuel crisis.

Similarly, more goods carrying vehicles have entered via Kailali Customs Office in the recent days, Officer of the Customs Office Man Prasad BK said. He said as high as 60 vehicles carrying commodities have come from India on daily basis. RSS


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