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More Than 20 Singers Singing “Mero Desh Mero Gaurav”


March 14, 2015: More than 20 singers in collaboration has given voice in one patriotic song by Pradeep Khatiwada ” Mero Desh Mero Gaurav”, a unity anthem.

This song hold the message of unity giving priority to Nepal. According to song writer Khatiwada, singers living from every parts Nepal has given voice in the song. The song was released on 13th of March, 2015.

Sandesh Rana Magar, Pramod Nirwan, Ad Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa, Nirnaya Shrestha, Bishnu Chemjong, ugam Pokharel, Damber Nepali, Bharat  Sitaula, Bikesh K Sankar, Sanoup Paudel, Dharmendra Sewan, Suraj Shahi Thakuri ,Udesh Shrestha, Badal Prasai, Roshan Lama, Bijay Lama, Phiroj Singh, Sushil Titung, Nalina Chitrakar, Reshma Sunwar, Nabin K Bhattarai are the singers of the song “Mero Desh, Mero Gaurav”.

The song is composed by Pramod Nirwan and directed by Asish Bhetwal.

The profile and musical story of all 24 singers is coming soon!


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