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More than 27 missing in Bhaktapur, relief distribution starts


Bhaktapur, April 27,2015: More than 27 people have gone missing following the massive earthquake in the district.
The bodies trapped under the rubble of the collapsed buildings are yet to be extricated, said Metropolitan Police Circle, Bhaktapur. Police Inspector Yadav Dhakal said a total of 237 bodies had been recovered so far in the district with the rescue and relief works continuing.
SP Bikash Shrestha said more than 27 people were still missing in the rubbles and debris of the toppled buildings in many alleys of the inner Bhaktapur city. Police said six members of a single family had died in the earthquake. As entire families have been wiped out in the disaster, the related Guthi (a supportive group consisting of members of the town) have cremated the dead.
Meanwhile, distribution of relief materials has started in the district. Bhaktapur’s Social Worker and Shri Bhakta Badminton Club Chairman Sri Bhakta Kashichuwa has donated Rs 125,000 worth of food commodities.
Meanwhile, SOS Children’s Village, which has been working to provide shelter to orphan children for the last 42 years, has announced it would provide shelter at various SOS Children’s Villages across the country for children who have lost their parents in the earthquake.
Village’s National Director for Nepal, Shri Shanker Pradhananga urged the concerned to contact the SOS Villages citing the number of orphans could increase as the crisis deepens following the earthquake. The organization has already started distributing tents, food and drinking water from four locations in the Kathmandu Valley. The relief materials are being distributed from temporary camps in Jorpati of Kathmandu, Byasi of Bhaktapur, Khokana of Lalitpur and Dhulikhel in Kavrepalanchowk.



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