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Motivation and Communication: Fourth Session of EmpowHer Junior


On 16 December 2017, our fourth session in EmpowHer Junior was held in Ujyalo Foundation office. On this day only eight of us were present for the session as many couldn’t attend due to their examinations.

We welcomed Icchya Kc at first for her session about visually impaired people. She shared that we should not bully or see visually impaired people in a bad way. She spread the message that calling visually impaired people ‘blind’ is what we should avoid as it may make them feel bad. From her experiences, we learned about how we could motivate ourselves. With many valuable lessons and inspiration, she reflected how our weakness can become our strength.

Then 4 changemakers were taken to talk with members of the Ujyalo Foundation. There they had sharing sessions where they were asked to share their journey of EmpowHER Junior.

After this, we again gathered in the room. Then we had an energizer. We played a game in which a person had to act out a situation and the next person had to act out the same situation to another person. We were divided into 2 groups. In the first round the person to whom the situation was being acted out couldn’t ask questions, but in the second round, they could ask questions. After the energizer, Amuda Mishra Ma’am taught us about good communication and the ‘Power of Three.’ The power of three meant three phrases, three sentences or three words you should use in a communication. The power of three also included the call to action.

Samanata Thapa and Nancy Agrawal came, the changemakers of 2016 and 2017 and winners took our next session. They taught us about etiquettes, which means good habits and good manners. After dividing us into pairs, they gave each pair a situation to play a role in. From each role, we got a lesson to learn.

Right after the amazing lunch, we went down for another energizer which was also based on communication. We were all given an animal and we were supposed to make the sound of that animal blindfolded and find our pair. This was a fun energizer. Then we returned to the room. Rabindra Sir and Yajashwi Didi were ready for the next session.

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We did an interesting activity with Yajashwi didi based on our life, our project and the years of our lives waiting for our hard work and commitment. In a small break in 3 of the participants were taken for the interviews and the rest of us made a video thanking Mojo Boutique Hotel, the sponsor of our lunch.

Then we had a session on how to manage our priorities and our other things in life. Yajaswi didi taught us the Pickle Jar Theory. It taught us to prioritize the important things in life first. When all the sessions were over, we all filled forms about our mentors, the session with Samanata and Nancy didi and all the activity of the day. At the end before everyone departed the energizers of the day made us play hot potato. This was the most fun session of EmpowHER Junior till date, in our point of view. We look forward to the upcoming session and meet all the changemakers.

By: Dipti Sharma and Prerana Tamang

The writers are EmpowHER Junior Changemakers.