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Mount Everest Fashion Runway: A fashion show sets World Record


Kathmandu: Mount Everest Fashion Runway holds a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fashion show. The fashion show took place on Sunday at 5,340 meters (17,515 feet) elevation at Kala Patthar. The event was organized by KASA Style in partnership with RB Diamond, Nepal Tourism Board and Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat.

The models from different parts of the world, including Nepal, Finland, Italy, Sri Lanka, and Singapore walked the runway.

The main purpose of the fashion show event was to raise awareness about climate change. It gives the message to the world that Nepal is the destination for all activities and the event is considered to be one of the first highlight events of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign.

The materials used during the designs, patterns and the fashion show are said to be all-natural, organic and all Nepali product line from KASA. The clothing line was made of Nepali pashmina, felt and yak wool, perfect for winter wear and display of jewellery designed by RB Diamond. A team of 48 people started their trek from Lukla on January 18 toward Kala Patthar.

The journey of the Models on the Everest Base Camp route will be aired as a reality show which will be aired on MTV USA and Canada on May 2020. The telecast of this event is expected to help introduce Nepal to both fashion and tourism destinations.

KASA used bio-degradable designed clothes, shampoo, detergent, waterless bath and solar technology on the trek to Kala Patthar because participants didn’t add pollution to the Himalayas during the event.

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