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MSFP grants assistance to economically deprived households


Phalebas (Parbat), February 8, 2016: A total of Rs 10 million has been distributed in grant in Parbat district, in a bid to support the livelihood of the economically deprived families. The amount was distributed to altogether 660 households of 39 community forests in the district.
It is said that Rs 15,000 was given, with support from the Li-Bird and INPRED-Nepal under the Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP), to each household.
The amount was distributed under the five-year-long livelihood upliftment programme to the users’ groups and economically deprived households, said Programme Officer of INPRED-Nepal Khum Prasad Subedi.
Furthermore he added that the amount has been invested in goat rearing, beekeeping, vegetable nursery, pig rearing and poultry farming.
The sum was given to the users in Kushma, Kurgha, Bhoksing, Khaula, Karkineta, Tilahar, Taklak, Hosrangdi, Lunkhudeurali, Pakhapani and other areas.



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