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MSP Summit Day Two ends on a high

Allen Tuladhar at MSP Summit 2014

Sauraha, October 18 2014: After an action packed Day One, MSP Summit Day Two started off for the MSPs (Microsoft Student Partners) to work and learn from the Summit.

The day started off at 8 AM with stretching and Zumba session for the MSPs from professional instructor after the breakfast. It was followed up by gift collection from all the MSPs who had brought something for the gift exchange program; “Gift Satasat.”


 After some fun of funny mock shots, Allen Bilochan Tuladhar, Country Director, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal gave a preview of the day keynote to the MSPs.

Pradeep Kandel from the MIC family then introduced the MSPs with Windows 10 Technical Preview and what could be the reason of the new name and the new features of the latest version of Windows was showcased.

Windows 10 presentation by Pradeep Kandel

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service was introduced and its interoperability was displayed through a drama from different groups of MSPs. The program was hosted by Sonika Manandhar from MIC Nepal family.

Microsoft Openness, Microsoft tolerance and open towards interoperability of different platform on Microsoft Service was discussed and presented by Allen Tuladhar.

Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft repository for learning online about all the services and development for free as displayed by Sonika Manandhar on which the MSP 2015 had worked on for the first quarter.

Microsoft Certification was discussed by Pradeep Kandel for the value of the certification. Drama was held by different MSPs about the value of a Microsoft Certification.

Allen Tuladhar took a session on non-technical program on Networking and Public Relation Building at big events and taking a purpose of talking to a person at a big event and continuing the relation.

MSPs were then by entertained by Magic Show which wooed the MSPs and dumbstruck them by the ability of the expert magician.

MSP of the year pitchThe big pitch of MSP of the Year 2014 by the MSP Alumni of 2014 was introduced and presentation of maximum 5 minutes was made. Stash handover from predecessor to the successor MSP of their colleges and stash handing to new MSPs was done.

The night event was Halloween theme dance party where MSPs and the MIC Nepal family dressed up as zombies, vampires, skeletons, ghosts, etc. and danced till late night and birthday of a member of MIC Nepal Family, Nirisha Shrestha was celebrated to end the day at 1 AM.

The events last day will be held on October 19, 2014 where the MSP of the Year announcement and different other programs will be held to close this year’s MSP Summit.


Photo Credit: Utsav Shakya

By: Sukrit Pant


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