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MSP Summit ends with announcement of MSP of the Year


MSP GroupSauraha, October 19 2014: Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) were given a grand event by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) at Seven Star Hotel, Sauraha for three days. All these MSPs learned and had fun during these three day event.

The third day started off with an auction ceremony where people who earned points during the first two days could select gifts according to the points, highest getting to choose at first. Prizes in the auction were Nokia 1520, HTC One X, Kinect for Windows, Microsoft Jackets, bags, t-shirts, water bottles, skype cards, waterproof bag covers and many more.

The day was all about upcoming events and programs from MIC Nepal for the MSPs. A session to discuss about making MIC Nepal more efficient and functional was discussed along with different guest from MICNIC colleges from the host city.


Gopal MSP of the Year - BirgunjA voting session was conducted to vote for the most deserving MSP as MSP of the Year from the yesteryear of MSP Alumni of 2014. The votes consisted of 40% of the result while the rest 60% was calculated from their performance.

The facebook page going above 200,000 was celebrated by cutting a cake by the guest at the summit Ed Steidl and all the MICNIC College representatives from Chitwan.

The MSP of the year was announced from two category MSP of the Year – Kathmandu and MSP of the Year – Rest of Nepal. Bhanu Shrestha from Prime College was selected the MSP of the Year – Kathmandu and Gopal Kandoi from National Infotech College, Birgunj was selected the MSP of the Year – Rest of Nepal. Ed Steidl, Global Program Manager of Worldwide Microsoft Innovation Center Network awarded the MSP of the Year with the honour.



Upon asked to make a closing statement, Bhanu Shrestha told, “The entire MSP journey was amazing. It does give you wings and make you a butterfly from a caterpillar. Thanks to MIC Nepal, Allen Sir and his team allowed me to gain and share enormous amount of knowledge and experience. Thanks to my fellow MSPs without whose support, I wouldn’t be holding this.”

Gopal Kandoi had a different experience as he closed with, “I never expected this (winning MSP of the Year). I am speechless. Thank you everyone.”


The Summit ended with these statements from the MSP of the Year.

Photo Credit: Utsav Shakya

By: Sukrit Pant


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