Mugu Children Facing High Risk of Malnutrition

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Mugu Children Facing High Risk of Malnutrition


Mugu, 11 April, 2015 : Children from Mugu district are found facing high risk of malnutrition compared to other parts of the country.

Information to this came to light after the monitoring of the projects on child and maternal health, and nutrition programme conducted in all 24 VDCs of the district. The projects were run under the UN World Food Programme.

Officiating Chief at the District Health Office, Dr Bhakta Dev Shrestha, said the malnutrition rate among Mugu children was 40 percent which is in deed huge as compared to other district. It indicates that the children here were facing health risk.

Similarly, Dr Shrestha said 24 percent of pregnant women are suffering from anemia.

To this, the District Hospital puts it that lack of nutritious food, daily overload of works, little rest and family indifference are some reasons behind anemia among the pregnant.

The children aging six to 23 months, pregnant and lactating women are being provided sarbottam pitho (flour consisting of all ingredients for a balanced diet) for six months in the district.

Chief District Officer Shambhu Prasad Regmi said the government has spent a lot to improve the health of pregnant and children, so the guardians need to utilize the government’s investment.

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