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Mumbai based start-up launches mosquito repellent blanket in Gujarat


Ahmedabad,15 October 2014: Nidra Home, a Mumbai based start-up, has launched a unique mosquito repellent— a DEET-free cotton blanket without any side effects.

Called Mos-Quit-O, the innovative blanket meets stringent World Health Organization standards and has been deemed 100% effective as a repellent even after 50 washes and thoroughly suitable for even infants.

“We got encouraging response with an initial sale of close to 1500 blankets in Bharuch, Surat, and Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has reported more than 2400 cases of malaria and more than 110 cases of dengue since January 2014. Mosquitoes kill more people than guns. Every season one hears of the rising numbers of dengue and malaria cases. Mosquitoes especially thrive in humid coastal areas and Gujarat is no exception,” said Shreya Poddar, director Nidra Home.

Her sister Kasturi Poddar, director of Nidra Home, is the brain behind the product. Mos-Quit-O blanket fabric is embedded with a special formulation, Permethrin, a chemical compound which when inhaled by the mosquito affects his nervous system and repels it and significantly reduces biting activity. Permethrin has been known to be used as a treatment on American army uniforms for decades to repel insects on the battlefields. The siblings have applied for a patent on their product.

“Over regular usage, one finds that most mosquito repellents have their drawbacks. Plug-ins and coils come with their side-effects, patches and wristbands are effective for a very short time span while insect repellent creams are a sheer inconvenience. Mos-Quit-O is a great solution. It is light, handy, convenient to travel with, washable and long-lasting,” said Kasturi.

Source: Times Of India


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