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MUN Conference concludes at Budhanilkantha School


Shyam Thapa, coordinator of Awareness Club of Budhanilkantha School, felt a sense of accomplishment when participants, guests, delegates and media personnel were congregated in the assembly hall of the school for the closing ceremony of BNKS MUN 2017.

He recalled, “I was excited when students first approached to me with the proposal to organize Model United Nations program. But the excitement would become my anxiety as it was our first ever event. But today, I feel proud that all the team’s dedication and hard work has made this program very successful.

The two-day event brought high school students from 11 different institutions of the valley in a common platform to discuss a wide range of international issues. Each participant was pre-assigned with a particular country to represent as one should present his/her ideas to the discussion from the perspective of that particular country. The head of logistic briefed about the program, “There were various interesting topics raised and discussed in the DISEC, the Security Council, the UNHCR and the ECOFIN, which helped the delegates to familiarize themselves with the roles of the countries they were representing.”

Also, there were fabulous dances and songs from the delegates and officials when the motion of entertainment was passed in all the committees. “The various topics were raised and discussed rigorously. We were amazed to analyze the level of research the participants had done for their topics. Similarly, the songs and dance added extra flavor to the day,” said the vice- chairperson of the DISEC, Shriya Poudel.

We took our chance to talk with the principal of Budhanilkantha School, Keshar Khulal to know the history of MUN in Nepal.

“Mr. Philip Hansen, when he first came to Budhanilkantha School in the early nineties, wanted to organize MUN for the very first time in Nepal. Back then he had seen such events being organized in Rajasthan India: a place from where he came from. In his initiation, the first BNKS Mock United Nations was organized in 1996. Later we organized several such events like Mock Parliament and Mock SAARC but it was all for the students of Budhanilkantha School. Now the school really feels proud that our students have come up to revive our MUN culture. We will be encouraging our students to participate in the MUN in other schools too and certainly help the upcoming batch to continue the program here,” Khulal shared to Glocal Khabar.

Organizing committee with the Chief Guest for the ceremony

The Secretary-General of BNKS MUN, Nishant Pokhrel took his chance to thank all the sponsors and helping hands to make the program a grand success. He wishes that the upcoming batch will also continue the trend and reestablish the legacy.

Bimarsha Kalikote, Ojasbi Badal, Sonali Thapa and Priyanka Mahat were awarded with best delegate’s award from their respective council. Similarly, Kriti Poudel, Abhinav Poudel, Clarissa Karki and Abinav Dev were recognized for their excellent position paper.

Best position Paper-USA(DISEC)-Abinav Dev
Best position Paper-Uruguay-(Security Council)-Clarissa Karki
Best Position paper-U.K(UNHCR)-Sanket Paudel
best Delegate-Syria(UNHCR)-Sonali Thapa
Best Delegate-Nepal(ECOFIN)-Bimarsha kalikote
Best delegate-Japan(Security Council)-Priyanka Mahat
best delegate-France(Disec)-Ojasbi Badal

By: Prashant Bhandari