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Music Therapy To Lessen Quake Trauma


Kathmandu, June 7: In order to divert the minds of people from the quake trauma Music Therapy has been organized for quake survivors living in temporary shelters in Tundikhel today.

Foundation chair Ratna Bahadur Pulami, The Hamro Bhaka said that Hamro Lok Sanskriti Foundation organized different cultural performances as music therapy aiming to help lessen the post quake trauma in the survivors.He further shared that such programs would also be organized in other 14 quake affected districts.

The program was inaugurated by the Former Minister Kamal Chaulagain. Similarly, on the occasion music and dance and performed by artists Sonam Rai, Swadesh Rohit Karki, Laxman Chaulagain, Manju Ghimire, Manish Shrestha among others.

One of the surivor at tundhikel said that such programmes have benefited the quake survivors to reduce their post quake trauma.


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