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Must haves for a monsoon wardrobe


June 28, 2015: The season now calls for a monsoon trend. Monsoon is a season that gives a hard style check. It’s time to quickly get updated on monsoon wardrobe.

While the season wants us to make the most of the brightest and vibrant outfits, there are certain fashion essentials that cannot be avoided during monsoon. So here are certain monsoon fashion must haves.

1. Big bright umbrellas: Umbrellas certainly doesn’t go to the style, but these umbrellas are extremely helpful to save you from rains. The bigger the umbrella the more it will help you from rains. A bright color will add on the fun quotient in the season.

2. Shorts and culottes: Shorts, skirts or culottes easily manageable. These are the clothes that come in many patterns, colors and lengths which can be adjusted as per need. For office wear, midi-skirts or culottes can make a manageable and an easy option.

3. Loose tees: Loose t-shirts sure are the most selected options during rains. Shorts with loose tees make a great rainy day choice.

4. Opt for cotton: Cotton as a fabric is easily manageable during such a climate. This fabric is not only very comfortable, but this can be easily washed and dried, which is one of the main concerns during monsoons.

5. Sneakers, flip-flops: Nothing brightens up a dull day like a funky and colorful pair of sneakers or flip-flops. Also these shoes are easy to put on, remove and dries up fast during this weather.


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