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My experiences from the Quora Kathmandu Meetup 2017


In a group of friends who were active users of Quora, one of my pals had shared his idea of organizing Quora Meetup in Kathmandu, which would happen regularly in India. We were excited to learn about such events but never knew how such ideas can be executed here. Fortunately, after some weeks when I was scrolling my newsfeed, I noticed the event: Quora Meetup 2k17. After following the details, I took no time to check myself ‘Going.’

I was full of anticipation and delight when it was the day for the program. The number of participants started filling the auditorium of King’s College. The program started with a short introduction of each of us where we had to mention how we started our Quora journey. Among the attendees were Computer engineers, Civil Engineers, Tour Guides, Entrepreneurs, Students, Cyber Security Personals, Interior Designer etc. with the passion to learn, explore and share the knowledge with a large number of people. They shared their experience of using Quora platform to develop their interpersonal skill, learn about their subject field more deeply from experienced personnel, and promote their brand globally.

The question-answer session brought more interaction among the participants as each of us expressed our opinions and views on the various topics raised. Some of them took their chance to share their story of success and failures which could become a source of inspiration for other participants. Even the few minutes’ tea break was well utilized in knowing the fellow Quorans personally and asking different questions.

Quora World Meetup 2017: Kathmandu

The Debate Session was scheduled as the last session for the day. We were divided into two teams: A and B and five judges were assigned. For the topics of the debate concerned if the country should change its capital city and whether it is right to cancel DV lottery from Nepal. Within very short time, the Quorans came up with many logical points to justify the topics. I was really impressed to hear the ideas that seem well researched and valid. The diversity of the knowledge within the group was something to be acknowledged.

At the end of the program, we posed for the group photograph and promised to meet on similar platforms in the upcoming days. I wish such meetup will be continued in the future too.

Quora users in Kathmandu

By Eklak Dangaura

The writer is a recent graduate of B.E. in Information Technology from Cosmos College of Management & Technology.