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My Reflection to Blog and Media Writing Course


Few days ago when I was scrolling my facebook feed, a post of Glocal After School took my attention. It was the announcement of Blog and Media Writing Course. As soon as I saw it I was so keen to know about the course maybe because there is a small hidden passion of writing within me. I have perhaps always enjoyed writing but never got any chance to know the detail and depth of writing. I was somewhat familiar to blog writing but media writing was a complete new for me. I enrolled in the course. Our instructor was Mr. Kushal Pokharel, Columnist of Rising Nepal.

The course was for 5 days and was quite interactive session. Our first day was basically to know each other, our reason to take the course and our interest. There were few experienced writer who have been writing on some news portal. Our first day was all about detail of our course, things to be covered at the end and knowing the participants to understand their interest. We formally started our course from second day. 

Our instructor gave us a clear idea about the differences of blog and media writing. We discussed about the usual mistake that is seen in writing and it resonated with me. From things to be taken care of while writing to things that are to be avoided, it was an informative and fruitful class. It was a great learning experience.

Online classes are generally misunderstood as informal way of learning but I really felt it was very formal and we were given some assignment as well. Our last two days was practical session; we were given article of our interest and asked to give presentation based on our learning, that assignment was very beneficial to entire learning process. We were encouraged to start our own blog and our instructor also taught us how to open our own blog. Course presentation slides are even provided to us. I guess that will really help us. 

The last day of the course was the discussion day where everyone came up with a topic they are interested in and our instructor helped us with points that need to be included and some mistakes to be avoided. His only motive was to make us write a flawless article that can be published. He really encouraged us.

It was my first online learning and I always had a misunderstanding that online learning does not add much value but with this course, it proved me wrong. My experience to this course is nothing but positive. There was limited seat to make effective interaction and we could even interact with instructor after our class. The content of the course was made in such a way that even a person who does not know anything about writing would be comfortably understood. It covered everything that is required and those assignments really made me think in depth and helped me learn more.

Overall I really enjoyed the class and the format it was presented. It was perfectly planned and layed out. I really loved the flexibility of the course and it was budget friendly as well. It actually worked well with busy scheduling could really learn and retain so much information. And to be honest I really look forward for such classes.

  • Sadhana Thapa