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My habit of Writing Diary


Keep a Diary, Someday it will keep you!Mae West

Do you have a habit of writing a diary? Have you ever written Diary in your life?

Well, I am sharing my memory of writing a diary. I need to take my readers 14 years back when I was reading in class 4. I was a little girl, very obedient and favourite to my teachers. Back then, English was my favourite subject, it’s my favourite always. I still remember, I did well on my exams and my teacher got me a diary with a pen attached to it. The diary was attractive yet I was puzzled because at that age I only knew getting a new writing place was for drawing. My teacher called me in front of the class and said I gave you this diary, now you need to start writing a diary. I was more confused because I already had a homework diary to fill and now I had another one again that I needed to fill. I asked my teachers, what was I supposed to write? Then my teacher explained that I need to make a diary writing the regular works that I do on the very day and show her the other day. She also gave me some insights and I got what she wanted to teach me, after all, I was always a bright kid.

I still have the diary I wrote in class 4, which states- “I woke up at 6:30 am. I brush my teeth and went to the temple with my mother. I go back home and read for an hour. I put my dress and carry my bags to school.” Some spelling errors, major grammatical mistakes, that’s how every page of my diary contains when I was in primary level. But as I grew up, the writing styles, spellings and even my grammar was a lot improved. Even today when I open my old diary to read lines I wrote, it brings a smile on my face. Such stupid mistakes, but that were all excused. I cherish my childhood days. I continued writing diary until class 10, the most precious memory indeed of my life.

Writing Diary is a very good habit. It not only keeps our thoughts organized but also improves our writing skills. In terms of writing, we can realize the changes. A journal or a diary is a good place to write your goals, ambitions, aspirations and New Year resolutions. By keeping them in a diary, you can monitor your progress and continue to focus on the next milestone. The benefits of keeping a diary is that we can record all of our ideas in one place anytime and anywhere. Whenever an idea comes to our mind, we can write it down. Later on, we can revisit these ideas to look for new links, form conclusions or even lead to a fresh idea. In my case, writing a diary and pouring my heart out helps to reduce my stress. Writing down my feelings helps me to deal with my anxieties, frustrations and pains. This can help me to reduce and release stress which I have hidden overtime. Overall, expressing yourself in a diary is a good way to free up any tension that prevents you from feeling happy. It is also is a great way to unleash your creativity. Everyone has the potential to be creative, just that most of us haven’t discovered it yet. Your diary is the best place to start exploring your inner creativity.

In conclusion, organizing information meaningfully and writing down can focus on positive thoughts.

  • Saru Pyakurel