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When I used to see people leaving their country and moving to other countries, I would ask my parents “why would someone want to leave their motherland and move to another place?” . In reply to that my parents would say “because they do not love their country as much as you do.”

But seriously, why do so many of Indians are moving to foreign countries? May be they can work better there, can earn better, prefer some other country’s education rather than India’s education or may be they don’t love their country. Well, I love my country and would never move to another country for studies or for work or to settle there. I would visit other countries but never live there. My country is the country with the largest population, tremendous history and energetic youth which is fighting to be one of “the superpowers” and most importantly fighting for Change. A change which is necessary for the betterment of the society.

Nowadays, most of the people are missing out how much our country has given us. People would just sit back in their recliners with newspapers or television remotes or their smartphones in hands and say “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta”, but if you aren’t making any effort to change the wrong to right you don’t have the right to criticize or complain about my country. I think every single individual should stop complaining about what has gone wrong and stand up to stop what is going wrong and what can go wrong. After all, only watching patriotic movies and feeling patriotic is not enough. We should unite and work our ass hard to prove the world that India isn’t just an overpopulated country, but the fastest growing nation of the world.

You know what’s the best thing to hear for a “country-lover”? When someone from another country says good about my country. People from foreign countries may experience many difficulties while travelling in India, but travelling is all about experiences, good or bad. That is why, most of the countries do accept the fact that India is a lovely country with lovely people. It’s beauty is unknown to many, which keeps it alive and rich in it’s old-fashioned way. However, we natives know it’s subtle beauty is actually quite enticing. By the way, have you ever thought: Why don’t Indian parents kick out their children at 18 as in other countries? The answer actually lies in the social makeup and the economic standpoint of Indians. Children are born with the responsibility to look after those who once looked after them. And this is the cultural diversity of India. The country with thousands of legends and traditions, there is a reason why India is well- known for its cultural heritage and spiritual richness. And this reason can not be told, it is to be felt.

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By: Vasudha Parashar


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